Traditional Turf

Traditionally Grown High Quality Lawn Turf (Non-netted)

Transform your garden with our high-quality lawn turf. Traditionally grown, means the turf is grown without nylon nets. This high-quality product is ideal for domestic and commercial use and will give you that year around, rich green look. Highly recommended for those lawns who have dogs and children running round or even fully grown adults.

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    Preparation and care

    Preparation and care of your turf are key to a successful end result. Whether it’s a new area to be turfed, renovation of an existing area of garden or just some advice as to how to deal with issues with your existing lawn so please feel free to email or call us with any questions.

    Below are some guidelines and care advice for laying turf:

    When preparing the area you are going to lay the turf on, please make sure it has enough top soil, we typically recommend a minimum approx. 10 cms. Do make sure that your top soil has been levelled as you desire it and raked to clear it of stones, keeping the surface relatively loose. If you can, it really helps if you can water the area before you lay the turf.

    We recommend laying your turf as soon as possible but definitely within 24 hours of receiving it. If you can’t lay the turf immediately, you need to store it out of direct sunlight in as cool a place as possible, particularly when the weather is warm. If it is warm, we also suggest breaking the stack of turf into smaller piles with space between them so the rolls don’t overheat. Don’t be tempted to water turf which is rolled up, as the turf will deteroriate quicker. If for whatever you reason, you suddenly, can’t lay it immediately, you can roll out the turf, ideally within a shaded area and water it every day in the morning or late evening to ensure it doesn’t dry out.

    Once you’ve laid your turf, never allow it to dry out, ensure it’s fully watered through across the whole area while it establishes allowing the roots to bed in. We recommend doing this for the first 14 days of your lawn. If it’s hot, water it first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

    Turf which has turned yellow is fine to lay and will recover within a few days as long as you carefully water it.

    We recommend first mowing the grass after about 14 days and we suggest cutting it relatively long the first few time you mow it, this will help it thicken up.

    For more information and tips please visit Views from the Grasshopper