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Some frequently asked questions

We are always looking to help and advise our customers, please see our frequently asked questions below. Should you require any further advice please feel free to contact us.

  • Question: How heavy is a roll of turf?
    Answer: In the winter, turf weight ranges from 12kg to 15kg and in the summer it can be lighter between 10kg to 12kg but it depends on the weather.
  • Question: How deep is a roll of turf?
    Answer:The depth of the turf sod is typically 15mm to 20mm
  • Question: What are the mix of grass cultivars in the standard turf?
    Answer: A large percentage of fescue creating a rich green colour year around.
  • Question: Why do you charge for pallets?
    Answer: Historically, we absorbed the cost of pallets but over recent times the price of pallets have increased significantly so we have to charge for pallets. This is reimbursed when you return the pallets to us.
  • Question: What size bags do you sell top soil and compost in?
    Answer: Cubic metre bags
  • Question: How much top soil do I need?
    Answer: Please use our calculator but as rough guide 1 cubic metre covers approximately 10 sqm at 10cms deep


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