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Logs are essential nearly all year round these days for wood-burners and open fires.

We provide an assortment of hard and soft wood delivered in large strong bags. The wood has been seasoned and stored under cover to ensure it is dry and ready for burning.

The soft wood will help get your fire going quickly, while the hard wood will burn for longer, enabling you to turn your wood burner onto it’s lowest setting and keep you snug.

We recommend that, once your logs are delivered to your door, you keep them dry and away from damp areas.

To make a good fire;

  • Begin with a firelighter or scrumpled up newspaper.

  • Stack kindling on the top but be sure to allow gaps in order to allow air to circulate around the core of the fire.

  • The softwood we have supplied will be perfect to get the fire going by putting around and on top of the kindling.

  • The hard wood goes on last and will provide long-lasting heat, even with your wood burner turned down to a low setting.



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